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Our Vision:A Happier, Healthier future for everyone.

Our Purpose : Always better solutions , affordable cost , to be your reliable partner of medical techology.

Core Value:Creativity, Responsibility, Altruism

CustomersWe work closely with our customers, always be helpful to our customers, support them to be competitive and solve the problem for them.

EmployeesWe develop and reward our people both financially and through personal and professional development. We grow up together with our people.

SuppliersWhen we grow our revenue and develop new products, we support suppliers businesses and their stakeholders. We grow up together with our supplier. Any Besdata’s provider is a part of our great international family.

We start in visual solutions in airway management. Highlight product are video laryngoscope , disposable intubation kits, video stylet etc. All those are aiming to decrease the the time to successful intubation, increase first attempt intubation success rate, increase overall intubation success rate, reduce applied force, and reduce intubation-related complications in airway management.

Another highlight area is precise electrical signal transfer solution in neurology. We developed an extensive selection of accessories to cover for EEG/EMG/PSG/sleep/Neurofeedback/ IONM/ Scientific Reseach needs. BESATA electrodes are make of a variety of electrode mateirals (Gold coated, Pure siler, silver/ silver chloride, Sintered silver chloride) to meet different demands.

With advanced and reliable experience in R & D, excellent quality management system, we have built up sophisticated sales channel and strong technique connection with our domestic and international partners. In turn, Those connection enhance us to accumulate experience in clinical and research capabilities.

Our business philosophy is disciplined in targeting global non-cyclical niches in markets with long-term growth drivers. The markets we choose generally have a large barrier to entry, We innovate with cutting-edge technology in these markets using our deep application knowledge.