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Disposable silver/silver chloride EEG electrodes, standard cup

Disposable EEG cup for EEG, EP, IONM and PSG examinations

● No cleaning and preparation of EEG electrodes needed
● Elimination of cross-contamination and healthcare-associated infections (HAIs)
● Low impedance with both routine EEG and long-term monitoring.
● Clear and reliable signal due to optimized layer of frequency stable Ag/AgCl
● Optimized signal quality due to larger electrode surface and volume
● Short cup-to-cable connection to reduce lift risk
● Optimized connector for easy headbox insertion and extraction
● Optimal patient comfort with low profile disk, soft and flexible anti-tangle lead wires
● Reduced risk of cross-contamination
● Obtain Reliable Recordings by Maximizing Surface Area

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Disposable EEG Cup for EEG, EP, IONM and PSG examinations.
High quality silver-silver chloride cup electrodes for excellent EEG recording.

Compatible to all medical instruments with DIN42802 (1.5Din) input socket including but not limited to:

● Brainmaster
● Bio-logic
● Cadwell
● Compumedics
● Embla
● Somnomedics
● Grass
● Nihon Kohden
● Mitsar
● Neurovirtual

Cup materialSilver/ Silver Chloride   (Ag/AgCl) coating, ABS based. 
Cup diameter9.2mm 
Cup height 2.6mm 
REACH RoHS compliant YES 
Lead wire core Tin Plated Copper 
Lead wire insulation PVC 
Lead wire color Red, yellow, green, black,   white 
Connector DIN42802 (1.5Din)
Package5/pack , 10/pack, 25/pack optional  

Order Number Cable length 

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