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Disposable Video Laryngoscope

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Disposable Video Laryngoscope with 7inch Monitor

Disposable Video Laryngoscope with 7 inch Monitor

Disposable Video Laryngoscope with 7 inch Monitor 

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Via video laryngoscope, the patient’s oral cavity structure is clearly displayed on the screen. And image can be easily collected. Besides, the operator can keep apart from patients to reducing contact and the risk of cross-contamination.


On tracheal intubation, it saves time with higher success rate. During operation, the force is lighter with less damage to patients. And the blood flow is more stable. 


Video laryngoscope guides intubation faster, more accurate and gentler, especially for difficult airways. Video laryngoscope is simply a life-saving tool, which is suitable for those patients with obese, limited neck mobility, short or rough necks, high larynx, head trauma, and protected tooth (cannon teeth, missing teeth, and loose teeth). The intubation is no longer a problem for these patients.

Application range: 

Routine and difficult tracheal intubation, Could be used for doctors in Anesthesia,  
ICU/NICU/CCU, Operating Room, Emergency Rescue, Ambulance, ENT etc.
Clinical training and teaching of tracheal intubation.

Operation Handle Order No.





Operation Handle for Miller size

Operation Handle for Adult size

Operation Handle for Difficult blade size


Suitable for Miller 0 blades

Suitable for blades MAC1, MAC2, MAC3, MAC4

Suitable for blades D blades 

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