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Medical EEG caps

High quality EEG electrode materials: Ag/AgCl coated electrodes for wide QEEG or sintered Ag/AgCl electrodes for precise measurement

International standard 10-20 electrode placement system

20 channel as standard, with custom channels to order

Ensure fast, comfortable and precise EEG measurement

Well-tailored elastic cap, 

7 different sizes come in seven color , from Neonate to adult

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1. Besdata EEG Electrode Cap is made of an elastic comfortable fabric with soft silicon electrode gel holder and coated Ag-AgCl or sintered Ag-AgCl electrodes attached to the fabric. 

2. Besdata Medical EEG Cap is designed for heads with a diameter range of 34-62 cm and comes in seven sizes:medical EEG caps and infant EEG caps

7 different sizes for newborn ,children and adult. 

3. The substrate of the sensor is made of pure silver and coated with silver chloride or sintered Ag-AgCl electrodes. 

4. ODM and OEM welcomed

L   58---62cm

M   54--58cm

S    50--54cm

XS   46-50cm

infant cap I     42--46cm

infant  cap II      38--42cm

infant  cap III     34--38cm

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