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Salt Water Electrode Cap

Product contains:

     Saltwater cap: 1 pcs

     Container 1000ml: 1 pcs

     12g electrolyte (NaCl) : 2 packs

     Sponge replacement: 1 pack 

     Pressing Tool: 1 pcs

  • Description
  • Competitive Advantage

No paste, no gel  This salt water cap is a new EEG cap, which uses saline water as conductive. The electrodes are mounted into a holder together sponge , which slowly releases moisture to the scalp. Inside sensor is Sintered AgCl material,  This leads to excellent impedances in a short time without much scratching and painful procedures.  The electrodes can easily be repositioned.
Compatibility  With the appropriate adapters,  it can match with every manufacturer .  

· No paste or glue on the heads of your clients

· Almost all parts of the Cap can be replaced individually; These parts include electrode holders, cords and sponges

· 1-64 electrodes possible

· Compatible with devices of almost all manufacturers

· Easy cleaning of the Cap for a hygienic EEG session

· Chinstrap made of soft, elastic material (also available separately changing)

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