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Airway management for pandemic: a move towards universal video laryngoscope?

Time : 2020-09-25 Hits : 270

In the treatment of critically ill patients during the pandemics, the tracheal intubation operation is the place closest to the virus, to get a chance for patients at risk. In order to rescue more critically ill patients from death, Dr. Gao and two colleagues formed an "intubation trio" to be responsible for the tracheal intubation of all critically ill patients with pandemic virus in the Jiangnan Hospital. However, only professional and skilled operations can make patients and doctors safer. Dr. Gao bravely provokes this burden with its profound professional skills and dedication. He charged ahead, regardless of personal safety, completed the first case of tracheal intubation, the first case of tracheal extubation, and the first case of bedside bronchoscopy.