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What are the best electrodes for signal?

Time : 2020-09-25 Hits : 66

Actually It’s a very subjective answer.

It’s all dependent on what signals you are recording. For example epilepsy and EEG folks look for high amplitude fast frequencies and that is not the same data that a PSG technologists would be looking to obtain. And, the above question of type of signal could be handled by scientific data analysis of metal material and manufacturer method; but even more importantly, what your preference for the tangible “feel” of the electrode.

There may be aurguably but the below point may has been generally accepted. 1, Casted cup electrodes are more durable than stamped.

2, Casted are more expensive than stamped due to the production efficiency . effectness.

3, stamped electrodes have larger “domes” for holding conductive paste than casted styles.

4, Gold electrodes record better PSG data than silver because they accentuate the slower frequencies.

5, Silver leads are better for EEG and epilepsy studies for the reason mentioned above.

6, AgCl electrodes record EEG data better than non chlorided pure silver electrodes.

There also many other new products of flat electrodes, disposable AgCl EEG electrodes, dry EEG electrodes, and more.  

Even the leadwire have influence to the life time of the electrodes.  Some prefer non-tangle, some prefer Teflon which is long lasting type.  

We suggest ask for different samples of different versions, material , make a comparision and record the data and see how it looks.  This will help the decision.