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Air Flow Sensor

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Airflow Thermal Sensors

Airflow Sensor

Sleeping sensor for all kinds of PSG machine

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Thermocouple technology
No prongs to go up the nose
Adult Nasal/Oral Thermocouple with 1.5 mm safety pins. 
Compatible with most PSG systems.

Our thermocouples and thermistors are compatible with most major PSG systems. 

Variations include the ability to monitor oral/nasal separately and/or together with adult and pediatric sizes, and disposable thermocouples.

The reusable thermocouples have an insulated tip to eliminate contact noise artifacts. 

The cables plug directly into the jack box. 

Cannula style, one channel. Comfortable, adjustable, and easy to apply. 

Compatible with most polygraphs. 

No batteries required.

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