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Visual intubation stylet

Visual intubation stylet

Visual intubation stylet 

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The core of Visual intubation stylet contains a 1 million pixel 720P LED cold light source high-definition digital camera, which solves the shortcomings of difficult glottal exposure and cumbersome operation during intubation. Visual guide intubation ends 10 seconds, which is useful to reduce the risk of complications and avoid violent intubation.  


According to the operation situation, the visual tube core is adjustable in angle. It combines the advantages of soft and hard laryngoscope on the market. It can also be shaped to suit different airways. Sterile package contributes to avoiding the risk of cross-contamination  caused by incomplete disinfection.


The matching tracheal tube has a complete range of specifications (3.5MM-10.0MM), which is fully suitable for neonates to adult patients, especially for third and fourth grade patients in MALLAM-PATI (Malan Pati) airway grading. Aim at restricted and special patients provides more comprehensive and high-quality solutions to difficult airways.

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