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أنبوب داخل القصبة الهوائية مزدوج التجويف مع فيديو

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أنبوب تنبيب الشعب الهوائية ذو التجويف المزدوج البصري

أنبوب تنبيب الشعب الهوائية ذو التجويف المزدوج البصري

أنبوب تنبيب الشعب الهوائية ذو التجويف المزدوج البصري

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Visual double lumen bronchial intubation tube holds a 1 million pixel 720PLED cold light source high-definition digital camera integrated with the tube body. Compared with the traditional DLT positioning method, the visual DLT makes positioning faster and exacter in the visual double lumen bronchial intubation technology; Visual guide insertion can help clearly observe deep into tracheal carina and open side bronchial split, with small trauma and no special training.

The balloon position can be continuously monitored throughout the operation. The tube displacement can be recognized at the first time. And the patient's airway secretions can be observed and processed in time. 

Disposable sterile packaging effectively decreases the use of fiberoptic bronchoscopes and other auxiliary video equipment, to reduce the cost of consumables and risk of cross infection.

Real time visual monitoring during placement and throughout the entire procedure.

Precise positioning during intubalion and procedure.

Fast, confidence and efficient intubation

البيانات الفنية

مواد الأنبوب

الصف الطبي PVC

Balloon Material

Medical grade PVC,Medical volume low pressure ballon

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Fr32 Left Sided


Fr35 Left Sided


Fr37 Left Sided


Fr39 Left Sided


Fr35 Right Sided


Fr37 Right Sided 

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