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غطاء EEG مع أقطاب كهربية

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Besdata EEG Electrode Cap is made of an elastic comfortable fabric with soft silicon electrode gel holder and economic electrodes attached to the fabric.

Economic electrodes available in alternative materials: AgAgCI/Sintered AgAgCI/Gold Coated/Pure Silver 

Compatible with any other EEG equipment through adapter cables

●High quality EEG electrode materials: Ag/AgCl coated electrodes for diagnostic use or sintered Ag/AgCl electrodes for advanced research.

● International standard 10-20 electrode placement system.

●20 channels as standard, with up to 128 channels to customized.

●Ensure fast, comfortable and precise EEG measurement.

● Well-tailored elastic cap.

●7 different sizes come in seven color, from Neonate to adult.

أمر عدد  Channel(Electrodes #) المقاس  مادة الاستشعار 
N02020001 20 L   58 --- 62 سم 
Ag / AgCl
N02020002 20 M   54-58 سم
Ag / AgCl
N02020003 20 S    50-54 سم
Ag / AgCl
N02020004 20 XS   46-50cm
Ag / AgCl
N02020005 20 infant cap       42-46 سم
Ag / AgCl
N02020006 10 رضيع  قبعة       38-42 سم
Ag / AgCl
N02020007 10 رضيع  قبعة        34-38 سم Ag / AgCl

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