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جهاز استشعار الشخير

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جهاز استشعار الشخير

Picks Up Snoring Vibrations

Compact, Low-Profile Design

قراءات دقيقة

increased sensitivity

Extensive and flexible placement range

خفيفة الوزن

connector to AC jack

لا البطاريات المطلوبة

  • الوصف
  • المواصفات

Snoring Sensors respond to snoring and other sounds in the audio range picked up through the skin, and convert them to a small analog voltage that provides a clear, reliable indication of the presence of these sounds. 

Snore Sensors are designed with a large sensitive area to improve signal stability and a soft, flat surface to seal against ambient noises.

Applying the sensor:

1.The sensor is attached to patient’s neck.

2.To position the sensor, place the sensor with the opening side or protruding side,against the skin and use medical grade tape to hold the snesor in place.Make sure the sensor is tight against the skin to ensure that the vibrations are clearly transmitted to the sensor during snoring

3.Ask the patient to simulate snoring, and check that clear,strong signals are being transmitted before leaving the patient and starting the study.

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